Support Homes for Black Children

What the funds are for: 
Influenced by the civil rights and Black empowerment movement of the sixties,  Homes for Black Children was founded in 1969 to address the adoption needs of the many African American children who languished in the foster care system with little hope of finding a forever home. Today Homes for Black Children has become a full service child placement agency serving urban children and families of all races and ethnicities.

For the first time in it’s forty-seven years of service to the Detroit community, at 3am on July 22 Homes for Black Children was the victim of a hate crime. An unknown assailant smashed the front window of the agency (labeled “Homes for Black Children”).

After losing over $600,000 in grant money, the agency has been suffering financially for the last twelve months. As a result, the (estimated) $2500 deductible for a new front window, creates additional hardship for an agency which attempts to use every dollar to service the children of the Detroit community.

Agencies which specialize in serving the black community are a dying breed. Of the three Detroit agencies which grew out of the civil rights movement, Homes for Black Children is the only one which remains. As a community, it is critically important that we protect these resources which address the disproportional presence of black children in today’s foster care system.

Please join me in donating to the important work that Homes for Black Children does everyday for all of Detroit’s children.