Not just another marketplace

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  was created to provide a space for, and to promote Black Entrepreneurs, their products AND services, as well as Artists and Performers to audiences who seek them.  How is it “not just another” marketplace?  Black businesses are diverse, offering everything from haircuts to cupcakes to fitness classes, and many want to attract more customers, so I set out to create a platform for the advancement of their platforms. All are doing business or trying to do business in some fashion, and with the unique set of challenges our community faces, I wanted to contribute in a significant way, using as much of my time, energy, talents, and love to help with the shaping of a better economic future we all want for ourselves and future generations.


BBM Promotes Products and Services

Black owned businesses are diverse. By offering the BBM Vendor Program, the Affiliate Vendor membership, and by giving vendors the ability to auction miscellaneous goods, we’ve given multiple methods for our vendors to do business on our platform. There are things that are nice to haves and things that you need. You can get them both on BBM.  Since it is my mission to promote Black owned businesses, even when businesses aren’t selling on the platform, that won’t stop me from helping to get the word out. We are all in this together.



 I felt that in order to effect real change in our community, it wasn’t enough to put up a website. I wanted to seek out and promote the businesses of everyone from the industrious entrepreneur on the way to building his or her empire, to the already successful, established business owner who can pass on wisdom to help educate people in reaching the next level in their entrepreneurial and professional journeys. I am also writing a visual love letter to my people with moving pictures. I love my people, our people and sometimes it’s not enough to say it, so BBMTV was born to serve this purpose. I’d like you to watch, enjoy, be inspired, and share. I really hope you enjoy each and every episode, because I enjoy bringing them to you.

BBM is Part of the Village

 Dr. Key Hallmon said it best when she says that “It takes a village”. Everyone has their part in this journey and everyone can do their part by considering their community to do business with. The more success businesses experience, the more jobs they can provide to our children. That can in turn inspire them to have their own businesses, and so on… Be a part of our village and let’s help it grow!


Black Biz Market, LLC